About Cold Brew

Cold brew has many facets.

It’s like the deep sea that lies below the glaciers; the mist-shrouded rivers and mountains; the tea connoisseurs in a city; or the vigour behind a crisp and quiet moment.

We have figured out the precise time and temperature required for cold brew so to minimize the release of caffeine, and let oolong tea’s nutrients, white tea’s sweetness, black tea’s fragrance and dark tea’s mellowness to slowly condense during the process.

From this moment, your throat can relax and enjoy the flavourful wonders of cold brew tea, and let them dissolve into your taste buds slowly and naturally.

Our Story

To many people, a perfect cup of tea has to be made with boiling water.

Yet, when you really start to enjoy drinking tea, you will try to savour all the different favours emanating from the tea leaves, and this takes us to an encounter with cold brew.

Getting to know about cold brew is pretty much like reacquainting with the unique taste of different teas. We pick top grade tea leaves and cold brew them in Hong Kong, where each bottle is filled with the best nutrients and taste. Without the heat from the boiling water, the release of caffeine and tannic acid is minimized. This means cold brew tea is smoother to the mouth, as well as body and sleep-friendly.

If savouring tea is like getting to know a person, then savouring cold brew tea is like getting the first great impression after meeting a new person.

Thé Moment Tea

  Day & Night Series  

Honey & Orchid

Phoenix Sunrise

There is always a sense of tipsiness in the early morning hours; when your vision is blurry, it seems like everything is shrouded behind the fog. All of a sudden, the fragrance of edelweiss is passing through, and at that moment, you exhale zesty air and imagine yourself waiting for the sunrise on the mountain.


White Peony

Day Dreaming

A city’s hustle and bustle is just white noise. I hide myself into a maze that resembles the multi-layered white peony. It’s calm and quiet inside – keep your voice down; I am daydreaming!


Smokey Bohea

Smoke gets in your tea

The midday temperature makes you feel hot and stuffy; it even makes your feel like the street is burning. Why don’t sip some back tea and experience the unique taste of savory and smoky favour mixing in your throat.


Earl Grey

Bergamot Night

An evening with a tired body can make you feel despondent, but a fragrant fresh breeze passing through the evening air will awake you. The awakening is just right a the right level, as it’s not an insomniac excitement.


Such an experience will be forever etched in your memory – just like stories written down and collated into a story book – where you can flip open and relish from time to time, even for just a Moment.

Cold Brew Tea Set

A sweet and refreshing mouthfeel that evokes the joy associated with the arrival of the spring season.

Steeping tea with cold water not only helps binding the flavour but also preserving the aroma. When you enjoy your cuppa, the tea stimulates your senses by releasing those magical properties, and it produces a sweet and refreshing mouthfeel that evokes the joy associated with the arrival of the spring season.

2019 Spring Edition

Glaciers never stand still; they constantly move at a speed that is virtually undetectable. This is just like the wodui fermentation process for tea leaves from Menghai County, where after days and nights the Pu-erh produces a complex flavour and gives roundness and sweetness in the mouth.

Rich red date flavour coupled with dark chocolate and ripe fruit notes

Life is a combination of bitter and sweet, and perhaps with an extra dose of sourness, one can cleanse his body and mood, and start anew.

The freshness of tamarind

Tired and exhausted after a week of hard work, you give yourself a little treat by shaking and drinking a bottle of Strawberry Kiwi cold brew tea. Unexpectedly, the tea produces a sweet and sour taste… Happy Friday!

A balanced mix of sweetness and sourness infused with the fruits’ pulp and fibre

Hails from the natural reserve at a depth of80 meters in Spain and bottled in its natural state,the water is made extra special with the award winning label designed by Isidro Ferrer and Estudio Versus.

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